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Boise Tattoo Removal | Quanta Laser | Affordable Treatments

At Idaho Tattoo Removal of Boise we specialize in one thing,… tattoo removal. Providing the best equipment to produce the best results is our focus. We work closely with the country’s top tattoo removal experts to provide our clients with superior technique’s and service.

The Quanta Tattoo Removal Laser system is the newest, most advanced and effective laser on the market. It is the only tattoo removal laser of it’s quality in the state of Idaho. It’s laser pulse needs less time to reach and destroy ink molecules which means less time the skin is exposed to the laser and this makes the process safer for the skin. In addition, the full color spectrum of wavelengths is designed to destroy all colors of ink which makes each treatment more effective. What this means to the client is fewer treatments needed.

The Gold-standard:
Q-Plus C - The ONLY true three wavelength Q-switched system on the market. This device has no competition and is THE choice for practices who demand outstanding speed, efficacy, and patient comfort. 
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